En3 is currently working with several green institutional projects including university campuses, colleges and primary and secondary school campuses helping them not just become sustainable but also act as agents of change by educating students and creating awareness on sustainability, climate change and carbon emissions.

En3 to its credit designed the 1st LEED Platinum rated educational campus in India in 2006 and since then has been working with several government and private institutions world-over. Our institutional clients turn to us for guidance and expertise to create educational spaces that create learning opportunities for students while ensuring environmental responsibility and sustainability.

We provide solutions that are flexible and cost effective keeping in mind tight university budgets. Our work goes beyond new campuses and today we are working with several institutes to convert their existing non-green campuses to green and livable campuses. 

En3 has been working with various institutions such as Great Lakes Institute of Management, B.S. Abdur Rehman University, CARE University, VIT University, Rajalakshmi Group of Institutions, Sona College of Technology, Birla Openmind Schools, MRS School, New Town School Kolkata, Saveetha The Pupil Eco School, Oberoi International School, SS Jain College, Abu Dhabi Educational Council's Alain Schools among others.