We provide innovative solutions to labs where we help develop specific sustainability guidelines so as to create high performance buildings which conserve energy and water and blends seamlessly with the environment. Our services include specialized design solutions for research laboratories to minimize energy consumption, renewable energy usage, improve indoor environmental quality and enhance the overall green quotient of the lab. All elements, from occupant experience to life-cycle operations, are considered at every stage of planning and implementation to create the level of service and quality that is the hallmark of a successful destination while ensuring overall environmental sustainability.

En3 is working with several research centers and laboratories in various industries and fields including Heinz Research Facility, BASF Green Leaves Research Center, Delta Group R&D Center, Dr. Reddys Laboratories, Cisco Labs, Qualcomm Labs, SAP Labs, VM Ware Labs, SKF Lincoln Helios Research Center, Indian Immunological Institute among others.  Also En3 is working with several petrochemical majors such as Hindustan Petroleum for their R&D campus and labs, Bharat Petroleum for their LNG terminals, Shell terminal among others helping them with various environmental and sustainable initiatives.