Building Systems Commissioning

En3 has tremendous experience in the building commissioning activities and has been performing these activities for several years in line with international guidelines and requirements.

Not just LEED commissioning but En3 offers a plethora of building commissioning activities that go beyond just LEED commissioning requirements and focus on integrated systems testing and commissioning activities and measurement and verification activities in line with international requirements.

En3’s directors are technical working group members of the ICC technical committee for accreditation of building commissioning agencies and orgnizations that provide training for commissioning agencies.

Our services and expertise for commissioning include:

Design Phase

  • Develop the owner’s project requirements.
  • Verify the initial design intent document from information contained in Design Consultant’s building programming document.
  • Prepare a design-phase Commissioning Plan
  • Review the schematic design documents for the HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other systems as applicable
  • Prepare the construction-phase Commissioning Plan required as part of the commissioning specification.
  • Review the final plans and specifications with respect to their completeness in all areas relating to the Commissioning process.
  • Develop a measurement & verification plan keeping in mind project goals
  • Review contract specifications for various tender packages

Construction Phase

  • Execute the Commissioning process through proper coordination, tests, demonstrations, training events, and performance verifications as required
  • Review the complete commissioning process with MEP contractors
  • Establish tentative schedules for various systems commissioning; O&M submittals; training sessions; system flushing and testing; job completion; Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) work; and functional performance testing.
  • Receive and review the operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals submitted by contractors
  • Check installation for adequate accessibility for maintenance and component replacement or repair.
  • Witness equipment, subsystem, and system start-up and testing and all TAB work Supervise the commissioning team members in the functional performance tests.
  • Review record drawings for accuracy with respect to the installed systems. Request revisions, as and when necessary, to achieve accuracy.


Coordinate the various system contractors and conduct system training and inspection. Perform training for all facility operators and maintenance personnel on various aspects of O&M to ensure that the building systems perform as per requirements

Final Documentation

  • Ensure that O&M manuals and all other records have been updated.
  • Conduct a selective review of contractor submittals of commissioned equipment.
  • Prepare the Systems Manual.
  • Repeat functional performance tests to accommodate seasonal tests and/or correct any performance deficiencies. Revise and resubmit the Commissioning Report.
  • Prepare the final Commissioning Report.
  • Develop a re-commissioning management manual.
  • Recommend acceptance of the commissioned systems to the Project Manager.

Post Occupancy Phase

  • Complete the outstanding issues pertaining to commissioning.
  • Monitor the building energy & water performance post occupancy for the period of 12 months.
  • Conduct & verify periodic performance evaluations of facility systems and assemblies
  • Complete enhanced commissioning report for the project