Green Feasibility Study Gap Analysis

You want to go green but have already started your design process. You are not sure if at this stage whether you can still pursue a green certification. In such cases, we can do a quick feasibility study/gap analysis to assess the building(s) likelihood of certification, and the necessary steps to get there in the most effective and timely manner. The same can be done for existing buildings that want to pursue a green certification as well.

The gap analysis generally focuses on the following areas:

  • Minimum Program Requirements attainment
  • Prerequisite Performance & changes that may have to be done to meet mandatory requirements
  • Minimum Energy and Water Efficiency performance and further improvements that can be made to enhance performance
  • Credit-by-Credit Review for any green building rating including LEED, IGBC, GRIHA, ESTIDAMA, Dubai EHS requirements, GREENMARK among others
  • Opportunity for improvement

The analysis will also provide preliminary budget estimates for each level of certification which becomes a decision making tool for the project goals and strategy in the pursuit of building certification.