Green Interior Guidelines for Tenants

En3 will work closely with our clients to develop a Green Interior Guideline Document for tenants to help educate and encourage tenants about the variety of strategies they can use to green their interior spaces. The intent is to mitigate the negative environmental impact of tenant improvement helping to maintain the overall building performance.

The guide includes specific approaches, details on green technologies, inputs on green design, construction, and operational practices, information on green products and materials and resources that can help tenants reduce energy and water consumption, minimize waste and carbon footprint and create productive, healthy workspaces.

The document if required can also include specific approaches for tenants looking to pursue the green building strategies and any green interiors certification including LEED ID+C and other similar interior certification programs

En3 can help tenants and clients with:

  • Develop green interiors guideline documents
  • Conduct training programs and awareness programs on green requirements for tenanted areas
  • Help tenants identify and implement green practices and strategies
  • Assist in tenants pursuing and achieving the LEED ID+C certification