The LEED Arc concept is a building performance monitoring and scoring platform that keeps tabs on how an entire building is performing on an ongoing basis. The idea is monitor how the building is doing in terms of energy use, water use, waste reduction, transportation impacts of staff and also staff's view of the human experience while inside the space. En3’s team of experts having worked on LEED Arc pilot initiatives have sufficient expertise and experience to guide projects through the entire process and help them establish and get certified under the LEED Arc program on an ongoing basis

Specifically our services include:

  • LEED Arc gap analysis and feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking with other LEED projects world-wide
  • Identification of improvements and enhancements in areas of energy, water, waste and indoor air quality
  • Indoor air quality testing and measurements for various parameters including CO, CO2, TVOCs, PM2.5, PM10, formaldehydes and other emissions
  • Monitoring energy, water and waste consumption and identification of measures to reduce and minimize the same
  • LEED Arc certification including coordination with USGBC
  • Ongoing building performance monitoring and management