LEED Volume Program

The LEED Volume Program has been established to stream-line the certification process for corporation, owners and projects looking to apply LEED certification across multiple buildings/facilities. This could be for any LEED rating system such as LEED ID+C for various retail or banking outlets; or; LEED EB O&M for various existing buildings of a single corporate.

En3’s team of experts have the required expertise and knowledge to help projects pursuing multiple LEED volume certifications achieve the same in the most cost effective and expedited way. 

Specifically En3 can help with:

  • Conducting gap analysis and feasibility studies to evaluate project's ability to pursue LEED Volume Program
  • Liaise with USGBC team as well as client teams to identify and explore LEED Volume program opportunities
  • Achieve LEED Volume certification program for pilot project
  • Role out LEED Volume program requirements across various projects
  • Assist in getting the entire project portfolio LEED certified