Sustainability Reporting

En3 provides responsible companies with efficient methods, in-depth knowledge and a range of experience, to make both corporate operations and products more sustainable.

The services include:

  • Implementing carbon management systems
  • Developing sustainability indicators
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Carbon measurement and bench marking
  • Environmental product declarations
  • Emissions management

Sustainability management allows your company to disclose, reduce and compensate carbon emissions, and demonstrate your commitment to a better environment.

En3 supports you with:

  • Organization Strategy development
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Product carbon calculations of your goods and services according to relevant standards
  • Corporate carbon measurement (according to GHG-Protocol)
  • Reduction strategies and compensation
  • Energy efficiency and Carbon reduction analysis Of the shelf and customized software solutions to organize and manage data
  • Carbon registration and reporting (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Reporting & Communication

En3 offers flexible and customizable software solutions: ECARB, EPERT, EPACE and ESTAR for corporate carbon measurement and sustainability management.

The software solutions are custom developed for each organization based on the organization’s requirements and available infrastructure

Today, En3 is a leader in strategic consultancy, software solutions and extensive services in the field of sustainability and your one-stop shop for exemplary sustainability solutions.